About Us

Incorporated in 1999, Carolina Pondscapes, Inc. specializes in all types of water features. We are known most for how our water features appear natural, mirroring Mother Nature.

Years ago, a 21-step process was used by water garden contractors who became “Certified” through a manufacturer where they were trained on how to build a pond in a day using approximately 3 men. This process allowed these contractors to pass out the manufacturers expensive, glossy brochures and sell a pond for a certain price, established by the manufacturer. The photos did not include the ponds the contractors built, it was the work of someone else. It allowed new pond builders, existing pond builders, landscapers and others to get in, build the pond, get paid and get out! If done right, they could start another one the same day.

These ponds had the same appearance throughout the country, and you couldn’t really tell who built what. Boulders were no larger than 3 men could haul in with a hand truck. A majority of the boulders and stones were round river rock, with no character boulders at all.

All of these ponds gave the impression of a “Production Line” or a “Necklace Effect”! There was no “Artistic Ability” or approach in constructing these features. Many contractors, who used this system received an award or became known as the “Top 50 installers” in the country, and they used this in their marketing efforts to brag or show the customer that they were selected or achieved the coveted “Top Dog” Award. They used the “Certified Contractor” approach to sell ponds and the customers took the bait.

Fast Forward 10 years, and you will now see a majority of these contractors that were certified have left the manufacturer and are using another product line. You will also notice that many of these contractors are no longer using the round river rock and taking much longer to install the features. Larger, weathered boulders are being brought in with track hoes and bobcats and are strategically placed in and around areas of the ponds. Matter of fact, the manufacturer has changed their technique and all of their followers are following in their footsteps.

We have been using the natural, weathered boulder technique since inception and we have led by example in the Triad since 1999. Many around are now using the same techniques. We use our own brochures of our work, not the manufacturers. We are a Custom Water Feature contractor. We take our time, we create a picture with stone and we don’t install them in a day.

When deciding on a contractor, look at their work. Look at the placement of stone…does it look as though it was thrown on top of the other stone or, does it look like a puzzle, do the edges blend together and appear as though the water carved it out?

We have been in business from day one – unlike many others who have been bought and sold, or out of business and returned.

Be careful when you see ALL contractors stating they are the PREMIER builder in their areas…Are They?

Many contractors will pay a fee to attend a pond build in some other state and then use that in their advertisement stating they built that feature.

Again, be careful!

About-Us-Alan-SherryAlan & Sherry Koontz are the owners of Carolina Pondscapes, Inc. They have been married for 30 years, have 4 kids, and they’re schedule is never dull.

Alan’s background includes serving in the US Army for 8 years beginning in the Power Generation field. During that tour of duty, he was promoted to Sergeant and later earned the coveted Drill Sergeant Badge along with becoming qualified as a Paratrooper & Air Assault soldier. He attended the 25th Infantry Jungle Warfare Course while serving in Hawaii. With a background in Mechanical, Electrical, and Computer Engineering, he spent 10 years working for Opex Corporation, a recognized global technology leader in high-speed mailroom automation, document imaging, and material handling for large mail accounts all over the world. Beginning as a Field Engineer and eventually being promoted to Regional Service Manager, Alan managed an entire region and accounts with revenue well over $3 million per year. While running the pond business on autopilot, he joined the High Point Police Department to pursue another goal in life. Alan loves spending time at home working on many projects and also spends his time as a Concealed Carry Handgun & Firearms Instructor.

About-Us-Alan-UniformAlan, using his natural, creative and artistic abilities, started building several ponds for family and friends. As the ponds progressed, so did his ability to paint a picture using stone. The way he places each rock to determine if that would mirror the image in nature sets him apart from many others. There are landscapers today that are purchasing pond kits to tap into the water garden industry but many are not familiar on how to correctly install them. It is easy to follow a landscape design plan by placing plants and hardscapes, but to make a pond appear natural, it takes an artistic ability to place stone. Alan believes that anyone can order a kit, line the outside edge with stone and construct a water feature: what happens is that it appears unnatural, looking man-made, and eventually is a production line of ponds.

Through his hard work and recommendations from his peers, Alan was elected to serve on the National Board of NAPP (the National Association of Pond Professionals).  Both Alan & Sherry were also selected to be on the Advisory Board for the Southern Ideal Home Show in Greensboro, NC.  Their company was one of the original water feature companies that displayed their work in the show.

We at Carolina Pondscapes stand by our motto: “Bring Your Landscape To Life!” Our customers and clients are our business, and we really appreciate the opportunity to fulfill their visions and expectations. We feel it is our duty to provide a quality service, and strive to incorporate that aspect in each and every job.

About-Us-SherrySherry served 13 years in the US Army as a Light Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic, which really surprises many men and women. In charge of a motor pool of over 10 to 15 male counterparts, she set the standard for quality work and discipline in her unit. After serving her country, she later entered the Dental Supply field, where she was the Office Manager for several different Dental Supply firms. Later, her main goal was to have children and decided to work part time for a Water Garden Business in Concord, NC. There she learn how to construct and maintain water features along with managing a retail location. That experience was later passed down to Alan, after he and Sherry decided to leave the corporate world and construct water features full time. After taking a break from the water feature industry, Sherry opened up a Weight Loss Medi Spa and later sold that business. Sherry is now back helping Alan on a part time basis. Sherry, who has been associated with the water garden industry for over 13 years, decided to establish the company in the Piedmont / Triad area due to the fact there were not many companies around that specialized in this type of industry. She has developed the knowledge that takes the company to a higher level.

Women In Landscaping, Sherry Koontz

About-Us-SHerry-FOX8-InterviewA Master Gardener designee, degreed Horticulturist, and a mother of four. She conducts seminars for many garden clubs and trade shows, and has had several articles published about water features. Sherry has been recognized by many as a leading source in North Carolina with a wealth of knowledge in the industry.