Spring Cleanings

Spring-CleaningsWhy do you need a Spring Cleaning on your Water Feature?

During the season, water features accumulate debris from all sources…this may be anything from leaves blown into the water to fish loads to grass clippings to mulch and more. Over time, if this builds up it will eventually cause water quality problems and an unhealthy environment for the fish.

To prevent this, we recommend performing a cleaning on the feature to remove this debris. Since all manmade water features are an enclosed system, Mother Nature cannot balance the feature as she does in nature.

Performing a cleaning on your pond keeps the pond in good shape and provides you with a clean pond during the growing season.

Water is drained from the pond and used throughout the flower beds and landscape. This provides an excellent source of nutrients for these areas.

  • Fish are removed and placed into a holding tank with aeration
  • All debris is flushed out by water and pumped out and then vacuumed.
  • A light pressure wash helps get some of the debris off of the stones.
  • Plants are thinned out and fertilized
  • Lights are adjusted and replaced
  • Pumps and other items are adjusted and cleaned
  • Dechlorinator is added to the water along with the proper dosage of start up bacteria.

Our Pond cleaning services start at $90.00 per hour, which is labor only. Any materials such as dechlorinator, lights, bacteria, and other items are an additional charge. This is a fair rate compared to our competitors who start their services at $350.00 and more. (Note: If you have a small fountain and you get charged $350.00 for the cleaning, then you are getting robbed!)