Here are a few testimonials from customers and fans of our work. If you would like to comment on our work – please feel free to send us your testimonial and we will add it to our collection.

Saw your display at the Greensboro Southern Ideal show in March, and picked up a card…Checked out your website as well…..Your company is amazing! The displays were outstanding and left us staring in awe at the realism!

We had talked to several other contractors and landscapers about installation of a waterfeature, but no one even remotely had the knowledge and skill that Carolina Pondscapes conveyed…..we love what you have done to our patio and yard with the pond and stream!

The price was fair, the artistic thinking in the installation of each rock is a talent seldom found

Without our realizing it at the time, this has been our best investment yet. The pond and patio have significantly added to the curb appeal of our home and we have just enjoyed our time so much sitting alone or entertaining in the beautiful setting. Neighbors drive by all the time and say how much they enjoy seeing our front yard.

General Greene was very fortunate to have such a wonderful company to partner with. …. the renovation would not have been possible without the support and generosity of Sherry and Alan Koontz of
Carolina Pondscapes, who made the vision become a reality.
Thanks Carolina Pondscapes!

It is like I told Sherry, you all are like our family. We surely do appreciate your honesty. That is hard to find that these days especially in the business world. We have rearranged our whole room just in order to see the pond. We are so lucky to be able to enjoy it during the day and at night.

One of the best compliments was an off hand remark by a service technician who came to the house. He admired the pond on the way in and while talking about it, he asked how long it had been there. When I told him just a few months, he was surprised and said that it looked like it had been there “forever!” That was an excellent testimony about how natural the pond looks and to the care and quality of workmanship in its installation.

Alan – It is obvious that you “talk the talk and walk the walk”. Your article was well written and we shared many of my reflections of our water gardening industry. Keep up the good work and I hope to meet you and Sherry, in my travels

Hi, Just wanted to tell you both the pond you did at the fall show was absolutely beautiful….We have had 2 companies come by from the show to give us an estimate on a fence for the back yard and both of those guys loved our pond…One of the guys from the company in Winston said he was going to bring his wife by to see our pond